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British Made

Sourcing products that are sustainably produced in the UK


Our goal is to sell only products that are sustainably produced


Rugby Shirt

Continuing the tradition, these exclusive pieces are available in the iconic Goodwood Members' Meeting pale blue and off white stripe. They feature an embroidered 81 patch on the back and the Members' Meeting logo elegantly stitched on the front. 


Goodwood 75

75 Years of Motorsport at Goodwood Book

  • Sarah Barker

    Excellent! I purchased this lovely scarf as a
    gift. It is soft and beautifully made. Thank you for the great customer
    service, the express delivery option ensured that it arrived in time for

  • Duncan Sutton

    Extremely happy with Revival Sweatshirt. Ordered
    this for my daughter and was really impressed with the standard of embroidery.
    An excellent buy.

  • Chris Washer

    Unlike most baseball caps that come branded from
    the same manufacturer, the Goodwood one is as close to bespoke as I’ve ever
    seen! Great quality and genuinely feels a step above! Well done, Goodwood!!!

  • Al Young

    Absolutely fantastic quality. A genuinely
    wonderful product, superb quality silk at a great price whilst always ensuring
    the GRRC logo instantly recognisable. All supported by superb communications
    and speed of delivery.